Brick Fanatics – two years of the LEGO life

July 2018 marks two years of ownership at Brick Fanatics for Tiro Media, and a great deal has changed in a relatively short period of time.

Together with an early soft re-brand of the website which included a new logo and the introduction of a new editorial focus of delivering LEGO News, Reviews and Builds, we were able to bring in the talented services of Graham Hancock, as Editor. Graham and the team he has around him have been central not only to driving forward an increase in targeted and relevant LEGO-related news and content, but also a number of noteworthy projects working with some very talented members of the LEGO community.

Alongside a burgeoning reputation as the go-to LEGO news site, Brick Fanatics is establishing itself as a place for collaborative creativity, with such regular build features as the 8×8 vignettes, based around and inspired by each new series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures. These not only showcase the latest blind bag releases by the LEGO Group in a unique and fun way, but also demonstrate an array of amazing LEGO build techniques and ideas.

Further changes at the site have also occurred behind the scenes, such as moving to a new server, and fine-tuning the content management system that the website utilises. A more recent technical change has been the switch in domain name from to, a change that not only strengthens our UK audience, but also reflects the increasing number of international readers that the site is drawing, particularly from the US.

In just two years, the Brick Fanatics team has been very fortunate to attend a number of LEGO-related events, including the Fan Media Days in Billund, Denmark. Arranged by the LEGO Group’s Community Engagement Team for Recognised Fan Media outlets, these three-day events at the company’s headquarters are an opportunity to network with other members of the Fan Media community; take in presentations from the LEGO Group on a number of topics; and interview the company’s set designers about the latest and most popular LEGO themes.

Brick Fanatics has also attended and reported from a number of one-off events, such as the opening of the LEGO House in Billund; an exclusive preview of the Harry Potter range of sets ahead of release; a wonderfully unique trip to Facebook’s headquarters in San Francisco; and most recently the reveal of the Aston Martin DB5 at the LEGO Group’s flagship Leicester Square store.

Everything we have done during these opening two years hopefully serves as an indication of Tiro Media and Brick Fanatics’ passion for all things LEGO, and the website’s ambition and commitment to help inspire LEGO fans of all ages and levels to build upon their hobby. The response from the audience during this period has been fantastic, and, with the continued support of our loyal readers, we look forward to further growth in the future.

It’s a future that holds a lot of promise, as there are some exciting projects we are working hard to bring to you in the coming months.